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All About Weaving...

Beginning Weaving and Intermediate Weaving are usually taught in 2 hour segments for 8 weeks. To qualify for Intermediate Weaving, a student must be able to warp a loom alone from back to front, understand and use proper textile terminology, read and follow patterns and meet with the instructor to discuss prior training.

No experience is necessary to take the beginning class. If it's been awhile since you took that freshman art class, you'll probably feel right at home in the Beginning Weaving class. The object of the Beginning Weaving class is to systematically introduce students to the process and structures of weaving on a four-harness loom. We begin with the mother of all weaves, twills.

The object of the Intermediate Weaving class is to continue the expansion of one's knowledge and experience by creating a project using a choice of pattern structures, yarns and additional harnesses on floor looms. This might include an independent study of Overshot, Summer and Winter, Crackle, Double Weave, etc. Students may bring their own looms or use those at the Studio.

Classes are either private or for small groups and move at your learning speed. (You also get to shop in the retail store while you're here, if you'd like! ) We will work to place you where it's most comfortable and affordable for your life style and schedule.

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