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All About Spinning...

Beginning Spinning is a 16 hour class, usually taught in 2 hour segments for 8 weeks. The object is to introduce new students to the techniques and equipment used in producing yarn.

We start with a discussion of types of fibers and what has to happen to make yarn of them. Students receive a collection of samples and are encouraged to create their own sample book for future reference.

There is a materials fee  that covers all samples, handouts, one large ball of practice fiber and a factory balanced drop spindle.

We have a HUGE supply of roving and equipment at the Studio.

Note taking and photographs are encouraged.

Proper drafting techniques are best learned on a drop spindle before the spinner has to add feet to the process!  Spinning IS a process and learning the details in proper sequence can save a lot of "unlearning", later.  (We do "rescue" and "rehab" classes, too!)

Like any other process, practice makes a better product, so students will need to do some practicing at home, between sessions.

This class will also involve discussions about types of spinning wheels and offer opportunities to test drive various spinning wheels.  Preparing fiber to be spun, storage, plying, dyeing, spinning designer yarns, and many other topics will help students produce the kind of yarn they want for knitting, weaving, crochet, etc.

Please, do not bring a spinning wheel to the first session.  You won't have time to use it.

Classes are either private or for small groups and move at your learning speed. (You also get to shop in the retail store while you're here, if you'd like! ) We will work to place you where it's most comfortable and affordable for your life style and schedule.

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